At any stage of your project, Develtech can bring its skills to fullfill your needs:

Project Start

At the early beginning of the project, our feasibility studies give you analysis points about. Here are the covered points and some examples of questions our customers have :

  • Technology:
    • Is there any wireless communication technology that cover my performances and cost targets ?
    • I want to use GPS technology in a very particular environment. Is it feasible ?
  • Industrialization :
    • How can I move from my hand-made prototype to a 1-million-pieces-a-year production ?
    • What are the certification I needs for my products and what are the costs (CE marking, UL marking, ...) ?
  • Financial aspects :
    • How can I evaluate a budget for R&D, certifications, prototype, pilote production, ... ?
    • When are the key milestones of the whole project in terms of financing (first production batch, production ramp-up, ...) ?
    • Can my project be integrated in a specific public funding (European's Framework Program FP7, Belgian's Walloon's R&D funding, ...)

These analysis are conducted by our engineers using:

  • Their continuous technological surveys.
  • More than 10 years of experience in electronic engineering for industrial, telecom and consumer applications.
  • Prototypes when needed if a technology survey must be conduct in the real world.

Most of the time, this first analysis phase in the project help the customer to enter the complete R&D phase with reduced technological and financial risk, secured specification documents and strong planification of the project.



Research & Development

During the R&D phase itself, our services are focused on hardware and software engineering:

Hardware Engineering:

  • Schematic design
  • PCB (printed circuit board) design
  • Mechanical integration (equipment racking, metal/plastic housing integration, ...)
  • Simulation and fast prototyping of critical parts of the product
  • Prototyping : sourcing, assembly and test
  • Pre-certification work for CE/UL/FCC marking

See our Hardware Skills section for more details.



Software Engineering:

  • Embedded OS (Operating System)
  • Embedded software application engineering
  • Remote control of your product using multimedia-rich technologies :
    • Embedded Web Interfaces (HTML5, Javascript, PHP, CGI, AJAX, ...)
    • iPhone or iPad applications (iOS)
    • Android smartphone or tablet applications
    • Windows platform applications
    • Linux platform applications
  • Server-side applications
  • Protocol engineering for standard (TCP/IP, SNMP, CAN, ...) or custom communication protocols
  • Digital Signal Processing

See our Software Skills section for more details.

diagram software gui

Manufacturing Management

When your product's R&D phase has been successfully fullfilled, Develtech can help you passing the last steps to production:

  • Certification (CE, UL, FCC marking, ETSI compliance, ...)
  • Production pilote and ramp-up assistance
  • Engineering of test benches for functional testing of the product at production site
  • Rejected product analysis for yeld improvement

The production can in any case behandled directly by the customer, subcontracted by the customer to any assembly plant with the help of Develtech or completely subcontracted to Develtech, thanks to our large sub-contractors network.



Consultancy & Integration

Sometimes, Develtech acts as a consultancy company for specific missions such as:

  • Reverse-engineering or re-engineering study of obsolete products
  • Selection and integration of existing product to bring a complete solution when complete product R&D is not necessary
  • Analysis of existing product's documents (source files, production files) for legal issues

psr rack