Develtech offers its services and products in the fields of electronic hardware and embedded software. Founded in 1999 by highly skilled engineers with various industrial experiences, the company gives appropriate responses to its customers’ needs in terms of research and development, consultancy, integration, manufacturing management, customized products or full project management.

The role of Develtech in a project can be either limited to only schematic design, PCB design, prototyping, … or spread over the whole project, from the feasibility study to the manufacturing process, through all the phases of R&D and industrialization.

Our full partnership approach encourages the customer to ask our help at the very beginning of the project where critical technology choices and financial evaluation of the design are essential to reach the goal in a fast and efficient way.

Our customers in Belgium and bordering countries belong to all industrial activities: telecommunications, particle therapy, power management, steel industry,…

Develtech is also helping start-up companies in the development of new products.

Develtech’s technical capabilities are focused on mixed signal electronic boards, remote control and sensing, telecommunication, wireless sensor networks, digital signal processing, …

Develtech is part of third parties networks of major semiconductor companies, such as Texas Instruments (DSP Third Party) and Freescale (Zigbee™ wireless sensor networks).